InfraTracker is tracking how countries allocate infrastructure stimulus across sectors and outcomes

In collaboration with G20 member and guest economies, the GI Hub is analysing and tracking infrastructure stimulus. The trends and data insights in this InfraTracker show how governments are using infrastructure to drive economic recovery post–COVID-19 and achieve long-term transformative outcomes. Navigate the tabs below to see how stimulus is being allocated in G20 member countries and guest economies, with trends and data insights on:

  • Infrastructure as a stimulus by sector and subsector
  • Infrastructure as a stimulus by country
  • Infrastructure as a stimulus by targeted transformative outcome.

Methodological note: The data presented in this tool were derived from publicly available announcements of stimulus (where this related to national government infrastructure investments) and validated with countries where and if possible. The data intend to capture key trends across the G20, and as a result the list of packages included in the database may not be exhaustive or validated. Please note that for Spain only grants (and not loans) for the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility have been captured in the tool.

View G20 trends by

Use the dropdown to filter by sector, or click a sector bar to view subsector data.
Select sector name on the graph, or use the drop down below, to view more details. Note all infrastructure as a stimulus achieves the outcome of 'Job creation and economic growth.'